High wall ceiling fan coil “BINI CLIMA” HW


Модел     Cooling kW Heating kW Air flow m3/h

Water flow


Sound pressure level-dB(A) Weight kg. Price lv.
HW 070 2.42 5.11 330 350 36.5 9  720.00
HW 090 2.99 6.17 390 433 37.5 9  860.00
HW 180 4.50 9.54 750 770 45.9 17  1180.00


The special Features of the high wall fan-coil “HW” allow a wide employment both in hotels, flats and offices. Ideal both for Summer cooling and Winter heating, the
fan-coil units consists of the following parts : casing, high efficiency heat exchanger, finned coil has been specially designed and manufactured to make the unit as
much as compact, fan, condensation drain pan, Leeds, infrared remote control, manual switch, air filter. The fan-coil is moreover fitted with adjustable fins to change
the airflow direction and obtain the best air distribution in the room. The air filters are easy removable and can be washed with water. Option: Condensing pump.
Available only 2-tubes coil (cooling or heating) version. It is compulsory to mount an electro valve so that, when the unit has reached the desiderate temperature,
water does not circulate into the air conditioner. Water connections ½” gas Male.

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High wall ceiling fan coil “BINI CLIMA” HW